CIRCLe 2018 Symposium

From June 2017 to May 2018, I was lead organizer of a one-day symposium on the role of e-portfolios in higher education. "Capture, Integrate, Reflect and Connect to Learning ePortfolios" (CIRCLe 2018) was hosted by the UBC Faculty of Arts and the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTLT) and took place during UBC's 10th annual Celebrate Learning Week.

Teaching "Digital Concepts"

An art and design course I developed and taught that spans both studio and theory. The course contextualizes new media practice within the history of contemporary art, emerging technology and digital culture.

Research Project "The Nature and Scope of Research Activity at BCIT"

In 2016-2017 I was contracted to conduct research into the nature and scope of research activity at the British Columbia Institute of Technolog (BCIT). This research consisted of interviews, surveys, data analysis and writing an executive report summary.

Conference Presentations on Education, Art and Learning

List of presentations given at national and international conferences.

Video Art "Feed"

An experimental video that attempts to capture the perceptual processes that occur within multimedia and multitasking. This piece explores our relationship with Facebook in a way that draws attention to remediation in current digital culture.

Internet Art Project "Selfpost | Postself"

A document of dialogue and reflection from a resistant self who enters the networked space of Facebook. I use myself as a research subject to explore the self’s relationship to social networks. Selfpost is the outing of the artist’s self to one's many social networks within Facebook; Postself is the documentation of this experience on a blog that serves as a place to explore questions about the make-up of selves after Facebook.

Research Project/Residency "Participating with Beuys"

In September 2015, I participated in a week-long intensive residency on digital media concepts for art education at Museum Schloss Moyland in Bedburg-Hau, Germany. I was one of 30 participants chosen from 300 applicants. Participants from Germany, Russia, Switzerland, Poland, Scotland, Serbia, Bosnia, Georgia, Lithuania, and Turkey.

Exhibition Project "QR_U (an open school) ~ Questions, Responses & Unofficial Conversations"

An interactive social practice art and exhibition project I created with fellow artists Lois Klassen, Elisa Yon, and Adam Stenhouse. The project existed as a 10-day school-within-a-school at Emily Carr University of Art & Design in December, 2011 and online at Participants were presented with a series of questions about their relationships with art, learning and technology.

Journal article "Opening up to a Digital Space of Emergence in Art Pedagogy" (2011)

In this article co-written with Jody Baker, we argue for the integration of open source culture and current remix practices into art and media curriculum. We reflect upon previous online teaching experiences as we develop a pedagogical approach for a course examining remix culture.

Journal Article "Performing an Intervention in the Space Between Art and Education" (2014)

This article in the International Journal of Education through Art discusses an artist-teacher residency staged at a university that examined relations between art, learning and teaching. It begins with a short discussion of the pedagogical turn in contemporary art and interventionist art practices before describing the artist-teacher residency. This residency was initiated to examine how teacher candidates come to understand pedagogy in their field.

Book Chapter in 'Routledge Handbook of Intercultural Arts Research' (2016)

I co-wrote a book chapter called "Intercultual Exchange: Interventions and Intraventions of Practice Based Research" published in Routledge Handbook of Intercultural Arts Research by Routledge in the UK.

Book Chapter in 'Arts-Research-Education: Connections and Directions' (2017)

I co-wrote a book chapter called "Encountering Research as Creative Practice: Participants Giving Voice to the Researcher" published in Arts-Research-Education: Connections and Directions by Springer in London.

InSEA Doctoral Research Award in Art Education (2017)

Awarded from the International Society for Education through Art (InSEA). The award recognizes an outstanding doctoral thesis in the field of visual arts education.

PhD Dissertation Award, Canadian Society for Education through Art (CSEA) (2014)

Annual blind review award for best 2013-2014 doctoral thesis in matters of interest to visual art education in Canada.

PhD Dissertation "Educating Artists Beyond Digital: Understanding network art & learning as contemporary pedagogy"

In this research I examine the notion of ‘network’ in art, learning, and teaching by examining the practices of seven contemporary artists who also teach in universities.

Art Project "Mental Note: It's Not You"

When displayed as a whole, these drawings create a visual representation of a mental landscape. The drawings reveal aspects of the psychological survival individuals partake in as they search to find meaning and a sense of direction within reality.

All State Art Symposium

I was the Co-Coordinator and Web & Social Media Coordinator for the All State Art Symposium held in Columbus, Georgia for 4 consecutive years (2013-2016). An annual program for Georgia high school art students with 600-900 annual artwork submissions.

Laura Jamieson Housing Co-operative: Board Member & Coordinator, Flooring Renovations

From 2005 to 2012, I was an active member of the(Laura Jamieson Housing Co-operative located in East Vancouver, BC. The main roles I performed were: Board member for 2 years, Coordinator of flooring renovations for 3 years, and Newsletter editorial team for 5 years. I also was one of the main organizers of a neighbourhood block party which involved closing off the street to live music, food and children's games.

Journal article "Processing: Understanding Art as Encountering Ongoing Narrative" (2011)

This article published in the International Digital Media Arts Association Journal examines artworks that explore the invisible processes of our relationships with digital technologies, in which there exists a continual state of processing and a desire to understand.

Journal Article "Shifting the Curriculum: Decentralization in the Art Education Experience" (2011)

This article published in the journal Art Education examines the decentralized approach to art curriculum from a pedagogical point of view, acknowledging advantages and disadvantages for art educators, and its contribution to a curriculum that captures the current cultural aesthetic experience.

Art Project "Recall series"

In this mixed media series I have created a diptych system that consists of painted videodisk covers and digital images. The left half of each diptych consists of a digital print mounted on sintra (12.5 x 12.5 in.). The right half of each diptych consists of the videodisk with acrylic and gouache (12.75 x 14 in.).

Journal article "Interrupting the Program: Descrambling TV through Video" (2001)

This article published in a 2001 issue of Canadian Art is an edited version of my MFA thesis. The essay discusses how video artworks address technology and the variety of effects it has on identity issues within an increasing digital world. I discuss how certain video works examine television not only for the content that it airs but also for its ability to intrude into the everyday lives of its viewers.

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