Book Chapter in ‘Arts-Research-Education: Connections and Directions’ (2017)

I co-wrote a book chapter called "Encountering Research as Creative Practice: Participants Giving Voice to the Researcher" published in Arts-Research-Education: Connections and Directions by Springer in London.

Encountering Research as Creative Practice: Participants Giving Voice to the Research

Don MacDougall, Rita L. Irwin, Adrienne Boulton, Natalie LeBlanc and Heidi May


Don MacDougall’s death was a rupture in our community of artist scholar educators. After all, how can we imagine our death? Heidegger (1953/2010) argues that death is "eminent immanence" (p. 241/251). For Derrida (1993), it is an aporia as it is something unimaginable as a living being. Attached to Don's research at the time of his death brought about encounters we had not expected. In this chapter, we take up our own creative research practices in response to his writing, through memory work, attentive engagement, and a commitment to deterritorilizations of representation. We encounter and interrupt his text through our responses as we study art encounters that examine affect, territorialization, power and art.

Drawing from an international authorship and having global appeal, Arts-Research-Education: Connections and Directions scrutinizes, suggests and aggravates the relationships, boundaries and connections between arts, research and education in various contexts. Building upon existing publications in the field of arts-based educational research, it deliberately connects and disconnects the terms in order to expose and broaden the scope of this field thereby encouraging fresh perspectives. This book portrays both contemporary theoretical prospects as well as contemporary examples of practice. It also presents work of emerging scholars, thereby ‘growing the field’. The book includes academic text-based chapters, as well as poetry, narrative fiction, visual essays, and combinations of text-image-sound/video that demonstrate performance of music, theatre, exhibition and dance. This book provides and provokes critical dialogue about the forms, representations, dissemination and intersections of the arts, research and education. This is a focused collection and resource for scholars and students with an international authorship, perspective and audience.


MacDougall, D., Irwin, R. L. , Boulton, A., LeBlanc, N., & May, H. (2017). Encountering research as creative practice: Participants giving voice to the researcher. In L. Cutcher & L. Knight (Eds.). Arts-Research-Education: Connections and directions. London: Springer.

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Learning Significance

  1. This book chapter extends on collaborative research I completed with the co-authors. I wrote sections of the chapter and edits throughout all sections.