Book Chapter in ‘Routledge Handbook of Intercultural Arts Research’ (2016)

I co-wrote a book chapter called "Intercultual Exchange: Interventions and Intraventions of Practice Based Research" published in Routledge Handbook of Intercultural Arts Research by Routledge in the UK.

Intercultual Exchange: Interventions and Intraventions of Practice Based Research

Adrienne Boulton-Funke, Rita L. Irwin, Natalie LeBlanc & Heidi May

In this chapter, we enact and explore an intercultural exchange among four individuals involved in a project designed to create an intervention in an art teacher education program. What became evident is how the intercultural exchange of practice-based research is an ontological approach to becoming inquirers. We argue that in our pursuit of becoming, intervention and intravention formed a contiguous and generative relationship that provoked intercultural exchanges about ontological processes in practice based research.


Ontology, Intervention, Intravention, Intercultural Exchange, Becoming

Top right image: Video still, Immobilite, by Mark Amerika,


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Learning Significance

  1. This book chapter extends on collaborative research I completed with the co-authors. I wrote sections of the chapter and edits throughout all sections.